Convenient and effective pain relief for dogs 

Improved dosing convenience with new chewable 37.5 mg and 50 mg tablets 

 New exclusive dosage strengths offer pain relief and cost savings while improving compliance and convenience in canine osteoarthritis treatment. With five strengths of Carprofen to choose from, Cronus Pharma allows you to offer your client the most flexible, accurate dosing from the bottle, reducing the need to split tablets or administer multiple tablets per day. 

Indication: Proven safe for the treatment of pain, soreness, and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis and control of post-operative pain. 

FDA approved under ANADA #200-687; this product has been shown to be bioequivalent to the reference product, Rimadyl®. 

Available in: 

• New 37.5 mg and 50 mg 60 and 180 count bottles. 

• 25 mg, 75 mg and 100 mg available in 60 and 180 count bottles. 

• Chicken liver flavored. 

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